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The Equihandee Freedom was created for children with autism/sensory needs, I was contacted by parents whose children love to ride but they needed something that would make the whole riding experience a much calmer and safer environment for them to be in.



As we all know equine therapy is widely used for anyone who has a disability and the benefits are huge, some of the benefits include sensory integration is improved, quickens reflexes and aids in motor planning, reduction in irritability and improvements with word fluency and communication. For some children with autism, being around animals is easier than being with people, animals do not judge, criticize or reject.  Scientists have found levels of oxytocin, the hormone which promotes social interaction and increases bonding and empathy, increases when interacting with horses.


It has also been clinically documented that just being around horses changes human brainwave patterns. We calm down and become more centred and focused when we are with horses. Horses are naturally empathetic. When we are in the saddle we benefit the motor, emotional and sensory sensations that come with riding a horse


The Equihandee Freedom has had a huge impact on the children whilst they wear our product, it has a calming affect, which in turn enables the child to benefit more from the riding itself.  Having the handle to hold onto helps the parent /instructor to stabilise the child rather than holding clothes or a leg which isn’t very safe for your child. This is turn gives the parent/instructor peace of mind, the child is calmer and feels safe and secure.  This in turn will allow everyone to enjoy riding and benefit from spending time with equines.


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