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Our products help to keep your child safe on their horse. They can enjoy the freedom of riding without the risk or danger of falling with the Equihandee Harness. It allows them a level of unprecedented independence whilst riding which creates a sense of achievement and the all-important confidence on horseback.

It also allows you, as their parent to be physically comfortable and confident in guiding them as they ride the horse. As a parent myself, it was important that the products worked with the accompanying adult as well as the rider. To give peace of mind that should the horse trip or spook you can support your child with ease and still guide the horse, removing the need for a second assistant.

I spent years twisting and bending my body uncomfortably before creating the Equihandee Harness. It relieves all discomfort for the accompanying adult and reinforces that sense of safety as you have total control over your child as they ride without losing any of the experience. It is so good at stabilising your child that you can hold it without them realising, which is such a confidence boost for your child when they crave that little bit of riding independence. It has changed my daughter’s life, she can ride her horse safely and without the dangers, we faced before. Her Equihandee Harness is as important for her as her hat is.


Equihandee is an invaluable addition to anyone’s riding equipment and will improve the experience of riding these beautiful animals.

If you have any questions, need help or would like to enquire about large orders please get in touch via our Contact Us page.


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Equihandee, feel safer in the saddle.



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