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We are super excited to have teamed up with the Para Equestrian Foundation, we travelled on a beautiful sunny but cold day to meet with Di Green, founder of the Para Equestrian Foundation and Grade 1 International Para Dressage Rider and Jo Alderton Whitworth Para Coach who already runs a beautiful centre in Herefordshire offering therapeutic riding for children and adults and now between them they are quite a team. 

Di has based her own horses with Jo and her team and the pair are also preparing a few Para Horses for their new roles in the foundation and they will soon be ready to find their dancing partners.The foundation aims to offer guidance, support, education and funded scholarships for all Para Equestrian Athletes. 

Educational residential and day clinics held regionally offer a range of professional support from Veterinary, Coaching, Osteopathy for Horse and Rider, Sports Massage for Horse and Rider, Farriery advice and both Bridle and Saddle fitting.  Furthermore our mindset sessions open up the possibilities for all on the program.

The foundation also offers scholarships to help buy a new adapted saddle, pay for competition fees, or for extra training and so much more. The scholarship programs are open for applications every 6 months and announced on their social media pages, Facebook & Instagram, so make sure you follow them to be the first to know.


There is an opportunity to have one of their foundation loan horses to help those who have a given talent but little access to funding.  All of the horses on the program have been trained for their Para role by the foundation training team.  Di runs the foundation with a team of equestrian experts and athletes who are able to tap in to their extensive knowledge via a private Facebook group and by having 1:1 sessions with Di whether they are just starting out,riding for therapy or already competing.


The Para Equestrian Foundation will very shortly start construction on the Para Centre of Excellence with 8 new boxes in the initial stage. A grooming/wash room fitted out so that the riders can get up to and groom their horses in a safe environment. A human treatment room is also planned in the next phase that will also accommodate a mechanical horse so that they can both assess a rider off horse but also offer therapy sessions and strength and conditioning sessions to even further develop the riders. Human physio and biomechanics will also be available, something we are all very excited about.


For some time now Equihandee HQ have been looking for that special association that we can partner with and follow the same ethos.  We know we have found that with Di, Jo and their team.  Together we will make a huge difference to peoples lives. We look forward to working with the lovely team at the Para Equestrian Foundation.
If you would like to contact Di then please click here or call 07738245939


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