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🎉We have had a great meeting today with regards to materials for our 3rd product

😱This means we can get a prototype produced and start trialling it

😊We cannot wait for this new product it will help so many riders with disabilities

We have finally received our prototype, we are super happy to now have our hands on this fabulous new product

Tis new product will allow children with with no core strength/spinal injuries sit in the saddle and enjoy riding like anyone else.

We will be at Your Horse Live this weekend with our new product, pop along and see us, we will be in Hall 3 Stand 210

Following on from the great response at YHL we have made a slight change to the prototype and will hopefully have it back this week.

This means we will have it with us at the Westcountry Equine Fair please pop along and see us it would be great to see you
#newproduct #prototype #groundbreaking #spinalinjury

For some time now I have struggled to move on with my third product as I knew it wasnt quite right, the design just wasnt right in my head.

On Saturday we were asked to visited a lovely family as they were interested in our third product for their son Harry who has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, which means he is unable to sit up unaided.

Well what can I say, it was the best day ever, our third product worked an absolute treat, it enabled Harry’s mum, to actually hold Harry in the saddle so much easier and it also gave Harry the support he requires whilst in the saddle, our product also worked well with Harry’s inky dinky saddle, something that had worried me for some time.

Harry’s mum gave some great feedback on our product and a slight change has been suggested, which we will action and then we can move forward. Super excited to launch very soon


We visited Harry and Hayley last weekend to make sure the amendments made are correct.  The morning was absolutely fabulous!!!  Harry arrived and we popped him on his pony with our product on, Harry was quite stressed and got upset as due to his disability he does not have the flexibility in his limbs.  We sat him in a position that was comfortable for him and off we went. Hayley, Harry’s mum, was able to easily hold Harry in the saddle using our product, as time went on the movement of the horse loosened Harrys muscles and he eventually was laughing and smiling as he was having such a great time.  We took some great pictures, the weather was kind for a change and Hayley did a great video for our product.  Hayley cannot wait for our product to be launched  as it will make her life so much easier and the benefits to Harry both physically and mentally are huge


We are now ready to launch, we are just working on a few little tweeks and then we will be good to go 🥳🤩🥰









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