Equihandee Harness


Equihandee is a riding aid designed to help keep your horse riders safer whilst riding, we have created a handle that helps keep unstable riders in the saddle.

Equihandee will be an invaluable addition to anyone’s riding attire who is wishing to enjoy riding these beautiful animals.

Available in two sizes (Small or Medium) and two colours (yellow or black)

The Equihandee Harness is fully adjustable and fits from a 2 year old up to a 10 year old

Max weight: 78 pounds/35.4kg

These sizes are approx.

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Equihandee Harness

Equihandee is a riding aid designed to help keep your horse riders safer whilst riding, we have created a handle that helps keep unstable riders in the saddle. Our Equihandee harness is here to revolutionise the way children of all abilities experience the thrill of horse riding. This innovative harness is specifically designed to provide safety, support, and independence, allowing every child to confidently take the reins and embark on an incredible journey. The Equihandee harness is a game-changer, enabling children of all abilities to ride horses independently. Whether a child faces physical limitations or requires extra support, the rear handle provides a secure grip, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience. We understand that safety is paramount when it comes to children, which is why our harness is crafted with utmost care. The rear handle is strategically positioned, allowing helpers or assistants the ease of supporting the riders to maintain balance and stability throughout their journey. Parents and instructors can rest easy knowing their little ones are secure during their equestrian adventure.

Engineered with comfort in mind, our horse riding harness features adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit for every child aged from 2 to 10 years old. The lightweight and breathable materials provide freedom of movement while ensuring your little rider stays cool and comfortable, even during long rides. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a seamless riding experience!

By giving children the ability to ride independently, our harness instils a sense of confidence and empowerment. As they navigate the equestrian world, children will develop essential skills such as balance, coordination, and self-assurance. Witness their growth as they blossom into skilled riders. At its core, our Equihandee Harness is designed to bring smiles, laughter, and boundless joy to children of all abilities. It opens doors to unforgettable adventures, fostering a deep connection between rider and horse. Watch as their faces light up with excitement and their hearts fill with the love for horses.

Don’t let any limitations hinder your child’s dreams of horse riding. With our Equihandee Harness, they can conquer new horizons and experience the freedom and joy of horse riding like never before. Give them the gift of independence, safety, and unforgettable memories. Order now and let the magic of equestrian adventures begin!

  • Unparalleled Safety
  • Comfort and Convenience:
  • Exceptional Accessibility
  • Building Confidence and Independence
  • Rear handle for safe assistance

Max weight: 78 pounds/35.4kg. Aged 2-10

Equihandee Harness


We hold full insurance and ISO 9001:2008 certification giving our clients confidence in their choice of supplier.

Max weight: 78 pounds/35.4kg


Seek professional medical advice before choosing your Equihandee Harness to ensure suitability for your needs.

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