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Rainbow Sensory Neck Ropes


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** Don’t forget to pick your colours (Up to 4) and send your choices to us as an email **

The rainbow sensory neck ropes are great for stimulating your child’s senses, so why not give them their own rainbow sensory neck rope in their favourite colours.

Horse riding has so many physical and mental health benefits adding your own sensory rainbow neck ropes can only add calming and well-being to your child’s riding experience

All our sensory reins and neck ropes are handmade using 550 military grade parachute cord. This means that each single cord can take up to 550lbs in weight before being compromised, as each cord is woven in with another one, the weave itself is incredibility strong and suitable for horses.

Traditionally, paracord products are finished by purely melting the ends of the cords together although all cord ends on our products are sewn in place and covered with embroidery thread to ensure maximum support and comfort for the animal.

Our unique breakaway section was developed after researching different paracord horse tack and identifying a lack in a safety option if the horse were to get its reins stuck (as we know this happens!). On leather reins the buckle would give at the centre of the leather but with paracord and metal clips this is not an option, so it was important for us to develop something which wasn’t too bulky and in line with the product.

The breakaway section contains a leather piece secured with a rivet, this is designed to break under pressure, also allowing the possibility of repair in the future meaning your reins are not ruined and covered under our warranty

Our reins feature two end options: clips in large or small sizes or Sedgwick English leather hook and billet.

All our clips are stainless steel and come in two sizes, large and small.

Our leather ends are custom made for us by a qualified saddler using only the best Sedgwick English leather.

Currently available in hook and billet options in Black and Havana brown.

Due to the unpredictable nature of horses no product can be made 100% safe, the leather is designed to break but must be used appropriately and in a safe manner. 

Delivery is normally 2-3 weeks as these are hand made to a high quality


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Neck Rope Size

Small 125cm, Medium 140cm, Large 155cm


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