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Why did I create Equihandee?

I often ask myself this question as this journey has been a rather bumpy one at times but very worth it.

When my daughter was born you experience this wave of love that only a parent can feel.  Before she was born I loved my animals with all my heart but having a child makes you realise your love for a child is completely different.

She was my main priority and her safety was paramount and always will be.  As a horsey person the day she sat on a pony was such a great day, I remember it like it was yesterday, she was 3 months old and I couldn’t wait for the day we could ride out together.

As Matilda got older she enjoyed sitting in the saddle but holding her was an issue and caused discomfort for me as I suffered a spinal injury some years back, but I persevered and used to hold her clothes as she rode but it was never secure enough.  If that pony spooked holding her clothes was never going to stop her falling off at great speed and ruining what was always a happy time for her.

So this was the reason I came up with Equihandee.  I wanted Matilda to be happy, confident and secure in the saddle and holding her clothes was not going to give her that.  The other thing Equihandee does is gives me, the parent, peace of mind, I get stressed and feel sick when she rides, Im no different to any other parent but I know Equihandee will hold Matilda securely if the pony spooks or she becomes unstable.

Why would I spend a fortune on a hat and not spend £50 on a harness that secures my child in the saddle, it’s almost like walking a type rope without a safety net. Why would you do that? Your child is the most precious thing to any parent, for me it’s a no brainer.



The other great thing about Equihandee is it give Matilda Confidence, she knows she is safer in the saddle wearing Equihandee, and whilst she feels confident she learns quicker and enjoys her time even more.

When I created Equihandee I didn’t even think for one minute it would also go on to help disabled children, this for me is a massive bonus.  During an exhibition we did I was approached by a family who had a beautiful daughter who was disabled, we popped her in the saddle with the harness on and the huge smile that came across her face was fabulous, I will never forget her smile and joy it gave her to sit on a horse

So for me, I did this because it gives children security, confidence and happiness and it gives the parent, peace of mind and a stress free time with their children, why wouldnt you want that?



  • Pololyn says:

    Fantastic Lucy. So impressed by what you have achieved, not just for Tilly and your peace of mind, but also for those who put their child’s safety above all else. I wish you every success with this indicative product.

  • lucy_equ says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I hope you are well xx

  • Verena says:

    It makes perfect sense, and it’s such a creative device! Well done, peace of mind is priceless.

  • lucy_equ says:

    Thank you Verena, your kind comments are appreciated x

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