Equihandee Bunny Ears


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Equihandee Bunny Ears

Equihandee Bunny Ears are a great riding aid for riders who tend to tip forward in the saddle. If you are a new rider just learning to position your hands or a little nervous and prefer the extra stability then they are the perfect addition to your riding equipment. They are also great for improving the rider’s balance, position and security in the saddle. The comfortable handle-like grip makes mastering  rising trot simple and more efficient. It is also more comfortable for the horse as it reduces pulling the horse in the mouth resulting in an all-around more pleasing ride for both rider and horse regardless of age or ability.

Equihandee Bunny Ears also assist riders who struggle with holding the reins or dropping their reins due to disabilities. Every horse riding experience should be a fun one; without the stresses or embarrassment of dropping reins or having difficulty holding them. The design of the Bunny Ears ensures a firm, safe grip that is comfortable and secure for the rider making it an obvious choice for riders with less dexterity or those just preferring a firm, solid grip.

Our Equihandee Bunny Ears are made from quality technical fabric, this material is very soft to the touch and easily maintained by just wiping down with a soft cloth and water. Ideal for gifting to a new rider as they are effective at what they do and an inexpensive option to improve riding ability.

Our Equihandee Bunny Ears are full size, D to D ring strap length is 14″

  • Improves hand positioning for rising trot
  • Improves stability and grip
  • Ideal for riders with reduced dexterity and hand/arm mobility
  • Inexpensive riding gift
  • Easily added and removed from the saddle
  • Helps with confidence