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Equihandee is a riding aid designed to help keep your horse riders safer whilst riding, we have created a handle that helps keep unstable riders in the saddle.

Equihandee was created by myself for my daughter whilst she learnt to ride. I struggled to hold onto her securely I would either grab hold of her clothes at her back, which was uncomfortable for her or I would hold onto her thigh, but this just caused discomfort as I would hold on too tight. So I got to work on creating something that would benefit myself and my daughter in stabilising her in the saddle

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Produced by a leading UK industrial fall protection harness manufacturer & using similar materials, the Equihandee harness has been designed & produced with the knowledge that it offers the owner and user a durable, high quality product that will last!

The main construction of the harness is 25mm wide polyester webbing, which has minimum break strength of 1.5tonnes. Even the thread used within the harness is a high strength polyester filament type, giving you the assurance that nothing has been left to chance with the quality of this equestrian training product.

Equihandee will be an invaluable addition to anyone’s riding attire who is wishing to enjoy riding these beautiful animals.

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What our client's say
What a genius idea!!! & what wonderful speedy & friendly service from Equihandee. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I would not be put off at the cost of this balance/safety assist product, whether they have thought of it or not, as far as I can see this adjustable product is multi purpose from toddlers upwards!! I wish I had come across it years ago to help whilst I taught our 4 kids to walk, cycle, roller skate, ice skate. We are aiming to use it for helping with tiny tots to ride & for any special needs children who ...
Absolutely fantastic product - no more grabbing onto the back of jackets or holding legs. So much better for the child as well - they can stay central you’re not constantly unbalancing them- I admit I was a slight cynic as to it’s effectiveness but I am now completely converted 👍👍
We are about to purchase our second equihandee in a larger size, a fabulous aid for our Hooves for Healing non profit therapy service. Not only does it give the rider increased confidence it is also safety assurance for us working with younger riders who have learning difficulties, physical disabilities. Thank you
Undoubtedly one of thebreakthrough products of 2018/19 - having trialled the Equihandee - they can make SUCH a difference to any young, unstable or new rider without intefering with their balance. Also with so many strict infringements on actually invading the child's personal space - these ensure that no one has to physically touch the child - which can make handlers feel much more at ease. AMAZING product
This is a brilliant aid. I run a not for profit pony group for kids and this has enabled us to extend riding even more for younger kids and those with special needs and disabilities who would not have been able to ride safely and who's parents would have been very nervous and even reluctant to low them to be on a pony. This has been a fabulous product for us