Equihandee Harness Large



Equihandee is a riding aid designed to help keep your horse riders safer whilst riding, we have created a handle that helps keep unstable riders in the saddle.

Equihandee will be an invaluable addition to anyone’s riding attire who is wishing to enjoy riding these beautiful animals.

The Large Equihandee Harness is suitable for a approx 13 year old to an 18 year old

Max waist size 112cm/44″ Max chest size 120cm/47″


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Equihandee Large harness

All the same strong features of the regular Equihandee Harness but in a larger size to bring horse riding to more people, suitable from aged 13-18. The main construction of the harness is 45mm wide polyester webbing, which has a minimum break strength of 1.5 tonnes. Even the thread used within the harness is a high-strength polyester filament type, giving you the assurance that nothing has been left to chance with the quality of this equestrian training product.

The Equihandee harness is a game-changer, enabling children of all abilities to ride horses independently. Whether a child faces physical limitations or requires extra support, the rear handle provides a secure grip, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience. We understand that safety is paramount when it comes to children, which is why our harness is crafted with utmost care. The rear handle is strategically positioned, allowing helpers or assistants the ease of supporting the riders to maintain balance and stability throughout their journey. Parents and instructors can rest easy knowing their little ones are secure during their equestrian adventure.

  • Unparalleled Safety
  • Comfort and Convenience:
  • Exceptional Accessibility
  • Building Confidence and Independence
  • Rear handle for safe assistance 

The Large Equihandee Harness is suitable for ages 13-18 on average.

Max waist size 112cm/44″ Max chest size 120cm/47″

Max weight: 142 pounds/64kg

The equipment is closely monitored and checked throughout all stages of production and nothing leaves the premises without passing through the stringent checks in the Quality Control and Inspection departments giving end users confidence in their choice of product.

Please seek professional medical advice before using the Equihandee Harness to ensure its suitability. We are not medical professionals so cannot advise on individual situations.




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