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Is Hi Viz Just for Winter?

Its that time of year when the days get shorter and the evenings are darker and Hi Viz is a must during these times, or is it? Shouldn’t we be wearing it all the time?woman with orange Hi Viz sitting on brown horse with which face and legs

If we were having this conversation say 10 years ago not many people wore a Hi-Viz out riding, I know I didn’t.  This wasn’t because I was irresponsible, it just wasn’t something we did back then.  But today we are hi-viz crazy, which is a good thing.

Hi-Viz isn’t just about us riders wearing it, there is something for every occasion for our horses, I know I have a Hi-Viz exercise sheet (more than one!), boots and a hat cover and I’m sure if I have a rummage in my tack room I would find more.

Hi Viz Crazy

But the Hi-Viz craze is a good one, there are so many benefits to wearing one. The main one for me is notifying vehicle drivers we are there, this gives them enough time to slow down and pass us at a sensible distance so we are not scared half to death.  Life would be so much easier if we horse riders didn’t have to ride on the road, but we know we just don’t have that choice. So, wearing a hi-viz is a must on the road, it keeps us safer.

It’s not just the motorists we need to be aware of, other dangers include pedestrians, dogs, cyclists, motorbikes, tractors, the list is endless.  By wearing a hi-viz you are increasing your visibility to everyone. You may come across a walker with a dog who has never met a horse before and may be a little jumpy.  At least by being more visible, you have given the dog owner more time to pop the dog on the lead and prevent what might be a very scary incident for all involved.

Hacking Alone

A lot of us hack out alone so wearing a hi-viz could save your life.  If the unthinkable happens and you fall off your horse and become separated and you are unconscious, wearing a hi-viz will enable the rescue team to find you and your horse much more easily.

Some insurance companies take into account whether you are wearing a hi-viz vest if you have an accident and some insurances offer discounts to riders who opt to wear them when riding out.

Disability Hi-Viz

We all love to have great slogans on our hi-viz, some are very humorous, but what about the disabled riders?  As you know here at Equihandee HQ we have a disability range which enables motorists, pedestrians etc. know if you are deaf for example, if you are a deaf rider you are not going to hear the car coming up behind you but your slogan on your hi-viz will notify the motorist of your disability and will enable them to act accordingly.

So is a hi-viz winter attire? Absolutely not, I wear mine all year round. Just because it is bright sunshine (sometimes) during the summer doesn’t mean the visibility is better.  There will be times when you are riding in the shade or a motorist has the sun shining on his windscreen your hi-viz will literally save your and your horse’s life.



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