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We have been really lucky recently to have been asked to work with Remap Scotland.

REMAP Scotland assists disabled people to overcome specific problems encountered in their daily lives by designing, manufacturing and supplying “one-off” items of mechanical and electronic equipment when no suitable commercially produced equipment is available.

The charity provides a largely free of charge service across most of Scotland through 13 Panels, comprising health professionals, generally occupational therapists or physiotherapists, together with volunteer engineers, technicians, tradesmen and people with model-making or DIY skills.

We were asked if we could assist them in working towards enabling a very special young chap called Logan ride solo.  This was especially exciting as Logan has cerebral palsy and for him just sitting up unaided is impossible.  Logan rides on a regular basis using one of our Equihandee Core Supports.

Our product gives Logan the support he needs and most of all it enables him to sit up in the saddle like any able-bodied child.  Whilst riding Logan is supported by his family using the handles on the back of our product. Riding also gives Logan that amazing feeling we all experience being in the saddle, if that wasn’t enough it also assists with his mental and physical health.  Since using the core support Logan’s core strength has improved dramatically

Remap very cleverly engineered a bracket that sits on the front of the saddle and very importantly added a quick release system just so Logan could be released from the bracket should anything happen.

We received Logans core support back where we carefully made adjustments so his core support could be attached onto the bracket on the saddle easily and safely. We sent the core support back to be trialled by Logan

Well it all worked a treat, it was the best day ever when we received the amazing photosand videos of Logan smiling from ear to ear as he rode by himself without being held.  He could finally ride his best pal Sean without anyone else around him.  Logan is just one amazing child our products has helped to enjoy riding like any abled bodied child should.


If you have an idea or would like to work with us adjusting one of our products to further assist a child ride then please don’t hesitate to contact us

If you would like more information on any our products you can drop us a line or pop over to our Website where you will find full information on all our products



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