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How much do you spend on a riding hat?

How much do you spend on a body protector?

How much do you spend on Hi Visibility Products?

And the list goes on, and yes its lots, a good body protector alone costs over £100.00

So why not invest in an Equihandee Harness for your child’s safety?

This product is a great piece of kit that enables any instructor, parent, carer or even grandparent to hold onto and stabilise any child whilst in the saddle.  This then gives your child confidence and satisfaction in the saddle knowing you can hold onto them at any time should the inevitable happen, you never know when that scary crisp packet is going to present itself!!!

It will also give you, the parent, peace of mind knowing Equihandee can take your child’s weight at any given moment.

No more moaning from your child that “you’re holding on too tight” or the famous “let go mum I can do it by myself”.  As a parent myself I still, to this day feel sick when my daughter gets in the saddle but I know Equihandee gives me that peace of mind that I have something there just in case.

When my daughter’s new pony arrived he was a little sweetheart but was very full of himself for the first few weeks.  Knowing Equihandee was there gave my daughter confidence and satisfaction if little George would spook or see that scary monster hiding in the bushes ready to pounce.

Also no more of this distorted walking or running you have to do whilst holding on to them, your top half of your body facing your child whilst your legs are forward facing, with Equihandee you can walk next to your child and pony with your whole body forward facing, so much more comfortable.

If you have less able bodied child then there are 2 handles on the back so you can have support from both sides enabling the child to also enjoy riding. Equihandee has helped many disabled children enjoy riding as much as any other child should. We are currently working on a new product to give more support for all disabled riders.

There are 2 colours available, Black and yellow, the yellow is very bright and acts as high vis, helping other to see you whilst out riding. Small size is for riders without a body protector and the Medium size is for riders with a Body Protector

Equihandee has been produced by a leading UK industrial fall protection harness manufacturer & using similar materials, the Equihandee harness has been designed & produced with the knowledge that it offers the owner and user a durable, high quality product that will last.

So why haven’t you purchased an Equihandee? Is your child’s safety not paramount enough?

Do you want to remove the risk of falling off?

Do you want to feel in control when your child sits in the saddle knowing you can grab them at any given moment with Equihandee?

Do you want your child to be happier and confident in the saddle so they don’t worry they may fall off?

Riding Hats and Equihandee go hand in hand


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