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I have Tattoos

I have quite a few, I think its 10 so far, soon to be 11 but don’t tell my mum!!! I knew I always wanted tattoos, don’t know why, probably because I was always told not to.  But everyone I speak to Ladies forearm lotus flower tattoo coloured in blue pink and yellowthat has tattoos knows that once you have one you can’t stop there.

I love bees

My lovely husband bought me a bee keeping course for my birthday, this was during covid but I eventually went last summer, I was so excited but a tad scared, it was an amazing day. I learnt loads but I’m not going to lie I was very scared whilst inspecting live hives.  Some of the bees attacked me, probably because I was frightened but my trusty Bee Suit saved me from getting stung.  I would love to have my own hives and produce honey.

I have a disability

I have been unwell now for over 4 years, I have been diagnosed with a long term illness which has had a huge impact on my life, I suffer with pain every day, my speech at times can be affected, concentrating can be difficult and I forget the most simple of things.  This illness has completely changed my life. Not many people know this about me as I have kept it to myself.  I have been on a massive journey trying to adjust my life to cope with this illness.  I am a very determined person so being unwell and having to slow down isn’t something I am used to doing.

I had to stop riding

I have ridden for as long as I can remember so when I first became ill the pain was so bad, I struggled to walk let alone ride.  It was so painful to walk so getting in the saddle was impossible.  I ride now and again but I doubt I will be able to ride like I used to.  Getting on and off can be a huge struggle and rather comical at times but it is so worth it.  Having this disability allows me to have a better understanding for the need for disabled horse riding equipment

I am left-handed

I am the only one in my family who is left-handed, I have tried to write right-handed but it feels so strange.  But I eat right-handed, how weird is that?

I worked full time until 3 years ago

Starting a business was never something I planned, it just happened, so I continued to work full time, it meant I wasn’t able to put in the time but I had the financial back up of my wage coming in to get some great foundations in place before I gave up full time employment

I want a donkey

Don’t ask me why I just want one, I love donkeys, with their huge ears and tiny little hooves, I will have one, one day.

I believe in ghosts

I was 13 when I went on a school riding trip to Bodmin Moor, we stayed in a lovely place but there were some odd goings on.  One night one of the girls was stood by my bed, I spoke with her and asked if she was ok, when one of the other girls across the room asked who I was speaking to, when I told her who, she said you can’t be she’s here in bed next to me!!! Another odd thing that Black and white horse cantering with lady rider in Pink top and beige jodphurshappened out riding on the moor, we were riding in the middle of nowhere and you could see for miles when this man appeared, we said hello to him, he said hello back, then when we looked back he had vanished and there was no where for him to hide, very weird.

 I love walking

I love to go walking, I try to get up at 5.30am and go walking with my dogs but since being ill I am unable to do the exercise I used to.  I have to limit the exercise I do otherwise it kicks off a flare up and I end up in bed for days, so frustrating

Live videos

I get really nervous just before I do live videos for Equihandee, I try to go through what I’m going to say beforehand but then I totally forget and just go with the flow.  Sometimes I’m so flustered I can’t get my words out properly and get tongue tied.  I’m sure in time they will get easier

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