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Warmer Weather

Spring is just around the corner, HOORAH!!!! Sometimes winter feels like it’s lasted forever.muddy wellies next to muck heap

Come 20th March we will be officially in Springtime.  Some days we are lulled into a false sense of security when a beautiful sunny warm day happens and off come the rugs, wellies chucked aside then it’s cold again. Out come the wellies on go the rugs!

Less Mud

But these days give us something to look forward to, it gives us a taste of what is to come. The sunny rides out with our new riding friends testing out our riding aids. For me one of the things I look forward to is no mud, not having to trudge around in my wellies for days on end and having bad sock days.  Life starts to get easier for us horsey lovers.

Black horse being brushed with loose hairDuring the winter the jobs are endless and sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, we spend most of our time looking after the horses, cleaning and sorting our riding aids when all I want to do is get back in the saddle with Matilda my little equestrian sidekick.

Lighter Evenings

Springtime means lots of things like more daylight hours, warm lighter evenings which are great for hacking out after a day in the office. This is one of my favourite things to do.  Spring grass, our fields start to look lovely and green again. Also, fewer layers for us, no more wearing that big fat coat to keep you toasty warm or the hi-vis vests so we can be seen out riding.  I also love for the horses to enjoy living out 24/7 it is so much healthier and more natural for them.Coloured horse with 2 riders on the horses back in the sun

Adjusting Horse Rug Weight

Adjusting rugs for the horses as the temperature rises excites me, sad I know but it means I can start to think about getting my rugs cleaned and reproofed ready for next winter.  There is a downside to the warmer weather though, horse hair!!! And mountains of it.  I often get home and I have hair everywhere and I mean everywhere!!! God only knows how it gets there!

Bluebells & Daffodils

There is so much to look forward to in the Spring, newborn lambs skipping and playing in the fields, beautiful daffodils always brightening up your day and for me, it has to be bluebells in the woods, you cannot beat a walk in a wood full of bluebells. Or on horseback, riding through the woods practising your rising trot or canter with our handy balance straps.

So here’s to looking forward to springtime when there will be less work and more play!


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