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I didn’t want children

When I met my husband I had 2 dogs and 2 horses, this was my life, having children had never crossed my mind as I spent all my time walking the dogs and caring for my horses.  My husband wanted children so I felt that if I was meant to have them I would.  Glad we did as we have the most beautiful daughter Matilda

I suffered a Spinal Injury

Some years ago I suffered a terrible spinal injury, although it wasn’t caused by some dramatic fall off a horse but it was a terrible time where I spent 6 weeks at home barely able to walk.  There was talk of an operation but luckily we managed to work through it with Physio.  Although I continue to have back issues on and off I am still lucky enough to be able to continue riding.

Scared of mice/rats

I really don’t know where this comes from, maybe it stems from when you are at the stables and you disturb the mice or rats they leg it at great speed!!! I was in a pub once and a mouse ran across the floor, I jumped up and stood on my stool.  How ridiculous that I could be scared of a small furry animal

I got married in Red

I love the colour Red, so why not get married in Red.  I found the most beautiful dress and we went to Cyprus and had a fabulous wedding.  My dress caused a huge stir in our hotel, a few days after our wedding we were in a restaurant the couple sitting next to our table were talking about my red dress. WOW!!!

Starting a business was never planned

Starting Equihandee was something that I never planned it just happened, I have always worked for other companies and used my wages to fund Equihandee.  It has been a massive learning curve and has caused so many sleepless night and stress but it has been so worth it, especially when we receive 5 Star reviews with children enjoying riding using Equihandee

I never went to university and I failed the 12+

I failed my exam to get into a Grammar School and never went to University but I have worked hard and built a business from an idea I had over 4 years ago.  When I say this, it makes me proud to see how far I have come.  If I can do it anyone can.

I love Caravanning

My parents bought a caravan when they retired, my husband and I ribbed them about it but they convinced us to borrow it, it was the best thing!! We could take our dogs with us and we could enjoy the countryside sipping wine.  We have recently bought a bigger caravan so my mum can come with us as she loves it.  We booked a holiday abroad last year and we missed caravanning

 I lost my dad to cancer

My dad worked on cars most of his life it was a huge passion of his but it would cost him his life.  Due to the materials used in his younger days my dad got a cough, this very sadly was lung cancer caused by the asbestos in the materials he used.  My lovely dad lost his battle to cancer February 2012

My Dad never met my Daughter

My dad was diagnosed with Cancer August 2011, I found out I was pregnant in October 2011, my dad often felt Matilda move whilst in my tummy but sadly died when I was 5 months pregnant.  My only regret in life is he never met Matilda

I talk 90 MPH when I talk about Equihandee

I am so passionate about my product I get overzealous and struggle to stop talking at great speed.  I know I do it and I work hard not too but I just get too excited.  Im passionate about Equihandee and love talking about it, but clearly too fast





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