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Our products are manufactured in the UK to a very high standard and are all weight tested.  We are continually investing in technology to improve the quality of our products and the performance, ensuring only premium quality materials are being used.  This means you can be assured the product you receive will be of high quality.

Child safety is paramount, and it is a huge worry for any parent or instructor. Why wouldn’t you want your child to be safe in the saddle? Equihandee allows your child to enjoy riding and feel safe whilst in the saddle.

Our Handle has been designed to sit snuggly in your hand, it will not cut or cause burns to your hand if you have to grab the handle at speed.  It has been designed with your comfort in mind

Whilst your child wears their Equihandee Harness in the saddle it allows them to feel confident and independent, this enables the child to conquer any fears they may have whilst learning to ride



Our very popular bright yellow Equihandee Harness allows any rider to be seen whilst out riding, even on the brightest of days it can work as a Hi Viz and enables others to be made aware of your presence.

Our product does not interfere with the movement of the body, it allows any rider to build core strength, balance and find their seat without any interference from parents or instructors.

Equihandee gives any parent peace of mind, I know when my daughter is in the saddle I feel terribly sick with worry but I know if she has her Equihandee on I am assured of her safety



Whilst wearing an Equihandee Harness the child’s personal space is not invaded, this can be a huge advantage for children who are sensitive to touch or have issues with their personal space being compromised.

Our products also allow children with disabilities to also enjoy riding,  we have created the Equihandee Freedom for children with Sensory needs to also feel all the benefits of the Equihandee Harness but we have added the specially designed jacket which sits comfortably against the body providing cushioning to alleviate the pressures experienced with Sensory Needs.

Finally Equihandee allows any child to focus on the fun they can have learning to ride rather than be worried about whether they might or might not fall off.  Our motto is safer in your hands and with Equihandee you can be assured of your child’s safety in the saddle.

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