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As Horses and ponies are used widely for therapy for children with disabilities and special needs I want to ensure all riders are able to experience the feeling of safety whilst in the saddle.

A chance conversation with a lovely lady who works with children with Autism and also uses riding as therapy.   This lady had the same safety concerns we all do for our children. She asked if I could create a harness for children who are sensitive to touch, this wasn’t something I had any experience in but I was determined not to leave anyone out and soon learnt what I needed to create


Some autistic children are sensitive to touch, problems with the way an autistic child’s brain processes touch can cause them to become overwhelmed, this may cause them to exhibit sensory seeking or avoidant behaviours to compensate.

An autistic child may not like to be touched so wearing our harness resolves this issue as you can safely hold your child without actually touching them


The other benefit is our soft neoprene jacket that sits against the body has similar benefits of a pressure vest. A pressure vest applies compression to the body offering proprioceptive feedback to the body and shoulders. This reduces challenging and sensory seeking behaviours, anxiety and distress is reduced creating a much calmer and secure environment for the child.

We know from speaking with parents that their child is much calmer since wearing the Freedom whilst riding, creating a much calmer environment for everyone.


Equihandee Freedom has all the same safety aspects as the original harness but we have incorporated a very comfortable neoprene jacket that sits against the body under the harness alleviating the pressures of the harness. The Freedom is fully adjustable and fits a 4 year old to a 12 year old and the harness is a lovely vibrant Red colour.

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