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These amazing little riding aids have helped so many riders, our balance straps are very popular with so many people from different age groups

The balance straps initially started as a sensory product for riders with disabilities such as Autism.  Riders with autism or sensory needs can be stimulated by certain colours so we felt these would be beneficial to the riders whilst in the saddle. By stimulating the rider with their favourite colours, this can create a much calmer environment for all involved, rider, parents, helpers etc.


The rider is able to choose up to 2 of their favourite colours. We have a colour palette on our website for you to choose from. The body of the balance strap is woven onto 2 trigger clips that clip onto the D rings on the saddle creating a handle for the rider to stabilise themselves with.


We have heard so many success stories from people who have purchased our balance straps, we have chatted with mums who have been out of the saddle for many years and needed something that would give them a little bit more confidence whilst in the saddle, we have also chatted with riding instructors who have used our balance straps for their new riders giving them something to hold onto during the first few exciting but scary lessons.


Our balance straps are suitable for everyone whether you are 2 years old or 90 years old, they are that product we could all do with at some point of our lives. They are great for giving a little bit of confidence in the saddle knowing you have something to hold onto just in case. They are great for helping young riders master rising trot and our balance straps have helped disabled riders feel a little more secure in the saddle whilst they ride


We have had requests for the balance strap parcels to be sent direct to a son or daughter for a birthday present and even to 2 lucky boys who got their own pony and to top all that there is always something extra in your parcel when it arrives, if you know, you know

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