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The Equihandee Core Support was created for children with disabilities where the child is unable to sit up unaided, disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

The carefully selected materials give support to the child’s core, this in turn enables them to sit up in the saddle like any able-bodied child.

The other great aspect of the core support is it enables the instructor or helper to stabilise the rider so much easier.  Trying to hold a child who cannot support themselves is very difficult and uncomfortable for both parties.

There are 5 strategically placed handles, this enables the helpers to hold the child from either side of the horse.  The core support has velcro fastenings either side and at the shoulders so it can be fully adjusted to fit snuggly against the child’s body.  The Core Support fits an approx. 7-year-old up to 16-year-old.

The other great feature of the Equihandee Core Support is the benefits it has for the children.  As you know Equine Therapy is amazing for everyone but for a child who is unable to support themselves, I feel just 10 minutes in the saddle for them is the most wonderful thing, it lights up their face, it makes them feel elated, and they love the feeling of freedom whilst in the saddle.


Apart from the amazing happiness and uplifted wellbeing the children get from being in the saddle there are also the physical benefits equine therapy offers.  Particularly for Harry, who we worked with to trial the Core Support, being in the saddle helps Harry with his hip migration, tight muscles and muscle spasms.

For Harry, being in the saddle relieves the discomfort he experiences with his muscles as the movement of the horse gently releases the tightness this is just one of the benefits for him.

Equine therapy can benefit so many other areas for the children, e.g. it helps to improve muscle tone and strength, gross motor skills and endurance. Riding can also improve balance, head and trunk control and posture.


We mustn’t also forget the parents or helpers who assist the children whilst riding.  For Hayley, Harry’s mum, the core support was revolutionary.  Harry is quite tall for his age and the fact he just folds in the middle made stabilising him in the saddle impossible.

But with the Core Support Hayley was able to stabilise Harry one handed.  The core support has changed many children lives and will continue to.

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