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We touched base with the lovely Pam, who is behind the amazing Equine Facilitated Learning Centre – Hooves for Healing based in The Wirral


Hooves for Healing is an Equine Facilitated Learning Centre for children, teens and adults who have additional needs. We are a registered charity.   Hooves for Healing was born out of  Pam’s Pony Party business, we had clients with additional needs who visited as guests to the popular parties, they loved being able to take part in the “normal” ridden activities and also the hands on brushing of the ponies etc. with additional assistance. Wheelchair users, partially sighted children, autistic children and teens, young people with mental health issues too, the list is never ending. Parents would ask if we provided anything that their children could come along to and take part in on a 1-1 level, and so we did, and we grew.

My background has mainly been nursing for the NHS over 21 years. A wife, a mother, foster carer and always have had the love of horses, my sanity in a crazy, hectic world.  A horse owner for most of my life. Retired from NHS 5 years now and loving embracing Hooves for Healing.

We usually start children from age 3 following an introduction/assessment, we don’t have an age limit, and it’s usually based on health and safety.  We are not qualified therapists and so do not refer to our work as therapy.  We offer hands on Equine facilitated learning with the use of the ponies, brushing, stroking etc., therapeutic riding, agility and sensory games. People respond to kindness and guidance in calm, natural surroundings.

There are so many benefits to so many individuals, learning to listen, use of senses, smells, touch, sights. Being accepted, feeling worthy. Relaxing, de-stressing, grounding one’s self. To own that happy feeling and want more of it!

I feel that most parents come to us with very little expectancy, just with a hope that being around horses, ponies could make a difference to their child/teen. I wish that everyone could have that heart horse experience and know that equines truly do change lives. We now have testimony from many of our service user’s parents and carers, we are growing.

We would like to thank Pam for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat with us

If you would like to be kept up to date with all the amazing work Pam and her team do or you would like to visit them here is the link to their Facebook Page and contact details https://www.facebook.com/hoovesforhealing.co.uk/

Here is the link to their Instagram page, pop over and give them a Follow https://www.instagram.com/hoovesforhealing/

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