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We travelled to the beautiful countryside in Hereford to Redbook Farm to meet Di Green Grade 1 International Para Dressage Rider and Jo Alderton Whitworth, Groom and Para Coach.  It was a very sunny day but quite chilly.


When we arrived in this beautiful setting, we parked and walked across a bridge over a stream, in the stream was the biggest pig you have ever seen, as we walked over the bridge this pig stopped and stared at us, I was quite unnerved and was unsure if this pig should be loose, but the pig just carried on what it was doing so we walked onto the yard.


We met with Di and Jo and chatted for a while when another pig wandered around the corner, clearly there was a theme here.  I stroked this pig and it loved the attention, this pig was called Dalila, she hung around for a bit and wandered off.  I love pigs so I was in my element.


 We chatted about the work soon to start on the yard giving Jo and Di 8 new boxes in the initial stage, a grooming/wash room, a human treatment room which will also accommodate a mechanical horse.  These facilities will make such a huge benefit to everyone. 


 Di felt it would be a good idea if they tacked up Scout, one of the para horses,  for a ride and to try out our products.  Di managed to get the Equihandee Core Support on.  Di has trauma induced MS 10 years after a riding accident so mounting and dismounting is rather difficult.


 But by using the Equihandee Core Support, mounting and dismounting was so much easier, the handles on the back enabled Jo and her team to support and hold Di so easily as she mounted and dismounted, making the whole process a breeze. 


Di rode Scout whilst wearing the Core Support and said she had forgotten she had it on as it was so comfortable to wear. 

After Di’s ride we all chatted a bit about us working together which I was super happy about. I left our products with Di and Jo to use, we thoroughly enjoyed our meeting, Di and Jo are a great team and have worked hard to create a foundation which will benefit so many people. The setting was beautiful and meeting the pigs just topped off a great day.


Since launching Equihandee I have always wanted to work with an organisation whose main focus is to work with anyone no matter what their disability and to create something that will benefit them. I have definitely found that with Di, Jo and the Para Equestrian Foundation


Please add PEF10 at the checkout on the website, this will give you a discount on your order and we will then donate a percentage of your order to the Para Equestrian Foundation.




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