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We are super excited to have recently launched a brand-new line of Disability Hi Viz waist coats.  Following on from our recent partnership with the lovely Di Green and Jo Alderton-Whitworth from the Para Equestrian Foundation, we found a gap in the market for these Hi Viz


Di had been riding in a warm up arena at a show and due to Di’s disability, she is only able to ride in walk, another rider warming up in canter rode so close to Di she nearly came off.  We have all been there but with a disability, this makes life much more difficult at times.


Di felt had she been wearing one of our Hi Viz waist coats this near miss would not have happened, it would have made people more aware of her and also that she had a disability.


Since the law has changed regarding how close and slow drivers should pass you whilst on a horse or pony, I personally have experienced a significant increase in drivers giving us horse riders the slower speed and wide berth we require on the roads to help us stay safe.


There is nothing more frightening than a vehicle whizzing past you at high speed, it’s so scary and especially if you have any young riders with you.  So having one of our Hi Viz waist coats on will be great If you are out hacking on the roads.  Other road users will be aware you have a disability and will hopefully pass giving you a wide berth and slow speed.


The other great thing about our Hi Viz is we chose the waist coat as there is nothing worse than wearing a full length Hi Viz and it gets stuck between your bottom and the saddle, the next think you know your being strangled by your hi viz.

And to top all that our Hi Viz waist coats have poppers at both shoulders, sides and to the front, this makes them easy to take off.

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