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Equihandee can assist you the parent/carer or grandparent feel many things, but the most important 3 are



Confidence can give the feeling or belief that you can do something well and succeed.  If you have confidence you will succeed at what you want to achieve.  With Equihandee our product gives the young or disabled rider the feeling they can do it!!  This is one of the biggest challenges of learning to ride, that terrible feeling you’re going to fail or fall off. How many times does your child say ‘I can’t do it’? You’re sat on an animal that has a mind of its own and could spook or trip at any time and you feel out of control. With Equihandee our product ensures complete confidence for any rider so they will succeed and be confident they will enjoy riding




The lack of security can make your riders feel many things, fear, anxiety, unhappy and vulnerable these are just a few of the feeling you can experience with no security.  With Equihandee we remove these negative feelings as our harness offers full security whilst in the saddle.  Your riders will feel safe, stable and happy this then enables them to go on and enjoy riding rather than being frightened.



Safety is huge for everyone, we all want to feel safe, whether it is in our homes, cars or just walking down the road.  So why wouldn’t you want your child to feel safe whilst riding? Feeling safe ensures you are out of danger and protected, it reduces the risk of injury, something we all dread when our little ones are learning something new with a risk, when you feel safe this then gives you confidence to achieve your goals.

All these feelings are also felt by the instructor, parent, carer or grandparent, that awful feeling you have no control over your child whilst they innocently trust the animal they have been sat on, as you know all animals can be unpredictable and their current state of positive mind can be whipped away within a second if that pony spooks or trips.  With Equihandee this removes all these issues if the inevitable happens. Equihandee is a high quality product that will enable you to hold onto your child so they don’t fall and hurt themselves, they are designed and tested to take your child’s weight.

The benefit to the instructor/parent also means you can hold your child comfortably. Without Equihandee your torso is positioned towards your child whilst you grab your child’s clothing, which will be uncomfortable or hold their thigh, normally too tight!! Your legs are facing forward ready to walk/run, for me this caused many back ache issues.  With Equihandee your body is completely straight and removes any need to be a contortionist.

Equihandee allows you and your child to continue to feel Confident, Secure and Safe thus enabling them to enjoy learning in a safe environment.  Safe is something we should all feel at all times.




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