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It’s not something new that being out in the fresh air enjoying a sport like horse riding can do wonders for your well being. Horses are widely used in therapy but why?

There are many reasons, one of them is horses are very sensitive to our emotions, have you ever gone to see your horse after a bad day, and by the end of it felt 100 times better? You can’t help but feel calm and uplifted being around equines.  Does your horse neigh or nicker at you when they see you? They are pleased to see you and that in itself makes you feel elated.

So for children with disabilities the benefits are huge, their mental well-being is improved dramatically, being around horses provides a rich sensory experience it can make the children feel calm, elated, excited, it exercises their mind, increases socialisation and most of all they can have fun.

The physical benefits for the children is also huge, whilst riding, the horse’s body and motion can stretch and relax the muscles, improving flexibility, this in turn gains muscle tone and core strength and improves posture.  The child’s coordination can be improved, it also encourages trust and best of all it creates time to relax.

I recently visited a little boy who is quadriplegic cerebral palsy, when we sat him in the saddle he was very stiff through his hips and legs,  he was also quite stressed, but we persevered and within minutes of him riding he was more relaxed,  his muscles has become more flexible and best of all he was laughing and smiling

Our Equihandee Freedom is widely used for children with Autism, the Freedom has had a calming effect on some children and in some cases parents have been able to get a much longer calmer ride for their child.


One of the other fabulous stories we have experience with the Freedom was from Austria.  A young girl called Sarah had been in a wheelchair most of her life but riding for her was her therapy.  Sarah was unable to ride unaided due to her disability.  But perseverance using our product eventually enabled Sarah to build core strength and ride unaided. Something she would never thought possible.  Our product continues to help Sarah with her riding and walking


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